Academic-Athletic Fellow Spotlight – John Gager

John Gager recently retired from his position as the William H. Danforth Professor of Religion after 39 years of service to Princeton University. During his time on campus, he has had a tremendous impact on his students, including one group in particular.

Professor Gager has served as an Academic-Athletic Fellow and worked closely with the Princeton women’s soccer team for several years. The team was so moved by his support, that they all attended his last lecture on campus, including Head Coach Julie Shackford. As an additional tribute, the team wore shirts with GAGER painted across the chest.

At the 2006 Princeton Varsity Club Senior Student-Athlete Awards Banquet, Professor Gager was awarded the Marvin Bressler Award (given to that member of the Princeton family, who through heartfelt support of the University’s student-athletes and coaches, best embodies a belief in the lifelong lesson taught by competition and athletics as a complement to the overall educational mission). After being introduced by Coach Shackford, the women’s soccer team responded with a standing ovation for one of their most valuable players.

To view Professor Gager’s remarks upon acceptance of the Bressler Award, please click here.