Academic-Athletic Fellow Spotlight – Joseph Michels

The PVC recently spoke with Joseph Michels, Director for Research Initiatives, Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials, Lecturer in the Princeton Writing Program, and Academic-Athletic Fellow to the men’s and women’s crew teams.

Q. How many years have you served as an Academic-Athletic Fellow?

A. Six years supporting the rowing program.

Q. What is your role with the team?

A. To make myself available for advice on most everything including course selection, time management, choice of major, positions in policy and government, and international study.

Q. Have you traveled with the team?

A. Whenever possible I attend races and travel with the team for a few days of their January training camp in Tampa, Florida.

Q. What is the best part about being an Academic-Athletic Fellow?

A. Getting to know the students

Q. Do you have a fun memory, experience or story about your experiences with the team?

A. My very first experience of Princeton was as a college age student trying to make the US National team. Serving as faculty fellow enables me to give back to the sport, the institution and the many people who have helped me along the way.

Q. What advice would you give student-athletes at Princeton?

A. Make the most of the total Princeton experience – both academically and in sport. Four years goes by quickly!