Coach for College Application Deadline – February 8th

The application deadline for Coach for College is Sunday, February 8th.  To apply, please fill out the application form by CLICKING HERE TO APPLY ONLINE.

cfc222 Coach for College is a program open to varsity student-athletes, which aims to increase higher education attainment among disadvantaged Vietnamese adolescents using the excitement and life skills provided by participation in sports-related activities. The program provides American college athletes with an intensive and collaborative service experience that engenders the skills needed to exercise leadership and commitment to positive social change.

The PVC will sponsor up to (6) student-athletes to take advantage of this programming during the summer of 2015 and will cover the majority of the cost of participation (roughly $3,000 per person). This will cover their airfare, ground transportation, lodging, meals, visa processing, health and liability insurance, uniforms and expenses related to cultural experiences.

General program information for 2015 can be found

LOCATION/DATES – The camps are hosted in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam over the summer and last for 3 weeks. The camp dates are noted below:

  • May 20th – June 15th
  • June 4th – June 29th
  • June 24th – July 20th
  • July 16th – August 10th

ADDITIONAL FUNDING – The program does require an additional fundraising component to be completed by the student-athlete (roughly $1,600)but they provide tools/assistance through the Coach for College program. Student-athletes can pursue donations or grants to help cover the additional fundraising requirement, and should not let this requirement be a detriment to applying.

Please Note: Applications will be reviewed by the Coach for College program, as well as by members of the Princeton Department of Athletics. Finalists will be notified in mid-February, with final decisions shortly thereafter.   

Below are quotes from your student-athlete peers that have participated in the program to give you a sense of their own personal takeaways and experiences.

…the experience has definitely helped me mature as a person. I think the program has helped shaped how I see myself and how I rank my priorities; it definitely provided me with some perspective. I have walked away from the program a better person with possibly a new career path in mind.” Jaimie McDonnell ’16, women’s ice hockey

Being at Princeton, sometimes we have such an inward view and worry about our own success and how to get there. Through this trip living and teaching abroad I saw the pure inspiration that the children had from just being able to know a college student. Many of these kids will be faced with the hard choice of pursuing their education or taking the common road of helping their family business, and the fact that I could make an impact on their lives inspires me to continue to improve my world view and improve the world’s view at the same time.” Morgan Hallock ’17, women’s water polo

I was still in awe every day, everywhere I went, even when I went back to the same places I had already been. It’s like I was star struck, but instead of being unable to ask for a picture and an autograph I found myself unable to leave. I don’t think three months instead of three weeks would have made it any different; Vietnam just has an aura that drew me in, and I’m already hoping to make a return trip.” Bryant Switzer ’17, men’s track & field

“My advice about the program is to do it. I think everyone should have an experience like this and think Coach for College was one of my all-time favorite experiences. If they do participate I would recommend letting yourself be open to everything and everyone. I had some great interactions with just me and the Vietnamese translators that I don’t think some of the other American’s got, and I think that was really important to the experience as a whole.” Danielle Sawtelle ’17, women’s lightweight rowing

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