Thank You for Your TAGD Support…21 New Lifetime Members!

Thank you for your tremendous support on Tiger Athletics Give Day!

Princeton Athletics’ 24-hour online giving competition, Tiger Athletics Give Day (TAGD), was held on Tuesday, November 29th, marking the third annual edition of TAGD. More than 8,500 donors participated in the initiative, collectively contributing more than $1.9 million. This total exceeded the $1.7 million from TAGD 2015, and now marks the single biggest day of giving in Princeton Athletics history. Additionally, the Princeton Varsity Club obtained 21 new Lifetime Members as part of TAGD, bringing the total number of Lifetime Members to 203. These Lifetime Membership funds will be used to support a wide range of needs and opportunities for each of the 37 varsity teams and 1,000+ student-athletes.

Hear from our student-athletes and head coaches on how your support continues to make a difference for Princeton Athletics.

Thanks to the generous contributions from the Princeton Varsity Club Board of Directors and Advisory Committee, $195,000 of Bonus Funds spurred the competition between Princeton’s Athletics Friends Groups in two main competitions – total number of donors (across three different brackets) and total numbers of dollars raised. Top finishers in each bracket received $20,000 from the PVC, second-place finishers received $10,000 from the PVC, and third-place finishers in brackets 2 and 3 received $2,500 from the PVC. Each Athletics Friends Group also received bonus funds from the PVC based on the percentage of total dollars they raised on the day. In total, nine Athletics Friends Groups raised over $100,000 on the day (not including any bonus fund payouts), with eleven of the groups exceeding their dollars raised totals from TAGD 2015.

In exceeding the TAGD challenge goal of 20 new Lifetime Members, the PVC received a $20,000 bonus, which will further the PVC’s ability to provide programming and opportunities for all student-athletes to achieve, to serve and to lead.

Final results in the total number of donor’s competition below:

Total Number of Donors – Bracket 1:

  • 1st Place – Princeton University Rowing Association (1,520 donors)
  • 2nd Place – Friends of Princeton Track & Field/Cross Country (600 donors)

Total Number of Donors – Bracket 2:

  • 1st Place – Friends of Princeton Swimming & Diving (773 donors)
  • 2nd Place – Friends of Princeton Baseball/Softball (557 donors)
  • 3rd Place – Princeton University Hockey Association (314 donors)

Total Number of Donors – Bracket 3:

  • 1st Place – Friends of Princeton Water Polo (702 donors)
  • 2nd Place – Friends of Princeton Fencing (678 donors)
  • 3rd Place – Friends of Princeton Wrestling (609 donors)

Final results in the total number of dollars raised below:

  • 1st Place – Friends of Princeton Swimming & Diving who raised $200,977 (12.5%)
  • 2nd Place – Friends of Princeton Track & Field/Cross Country who raised $140,433 (8.8%)
  • 3rd Place –Friends of Princeton Wrestling who raised $138,096 (8.6%)

We sincerely appreciate everything you do to support Princeton Athletics, and are excited so many of our alumni were able to “Tiger Up” and make a gift on Tiger Athletics Give Day.