The 2011 Princeton Varsity Club Awards Banquet

Each year, the PVC celebrates the accomplishments of the Princeton Athletics senior class with a grand banquet attended by family, friends, coaches, staff and many others in the Princeton community.

The 14th edition featured a multitude of award winners; fitting for a group of seniors that had put together a combined 48 Ivy League Championships in four years. This includes five William Winston Roper Trophy winners, fiveC. Otto von Kienbusch Award winners, and four Art Lane ’34 Award winners. The Class of 1916 Cup, Princeton Varsity Club Award of Valor, Marvin Bressler Award, Class of 1967 PVC Citizen-Athlete Award, and Lorin Maurer h78 Award were also given out before an assembled crowd of nearly 600 at the base of Cleveland Tower on a beautiful spring evening.

To view a full list of award winners, click here.

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To view the keynote address delivered by Patrick Biggs ’11 (Swimming), click here.

To view the keynote address delivered by Alex Douwes ’11 (Field Hockey), click here.

To view the address given by Marvin Bressler Award winner John McPhee ’53, click here.

To view the address given by Joe Baker ’91 of Playsmart, Inc., Class of 1967 PVC Citizen-Athlete Award winner, click here.

To view the senior highlight video put together by Jeff Taylor of Lonelyleap Filmclick here.