Tiger Athletics Give Day returns for Year No. 9 on Nov. 29th

Tiger Athletics Give Day (#TAGD) returns for Year No. 9 on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 (National Giving Tuesday). Through the first eight years of TAGD, Princeton Athletics and its Tiger community have raised more than $20 million across nearly 60,000 gifts in support of its 38 varsity programs and 1,000 student-athletes.

We encourage you to show your stripes and make a gift online at TAGD.Princeton.edu or call 609-986-TAGD (8243) on November 29th between the hours of 12:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. EST.  All gifts of $20 or more will count toward the various competitions among the Athletic Friends Groups detailed on the TAGD website.

As part of TAGD, the Princeton Varsity Club will be working to secure 10+ new PVC Lifetime Members – click here to read more about the PVC Lifetime Membership program and its impact on Princeton Athletics (Note: honorary Lifetime Membership gifts are accepted, the donor receives the gift credit while the honorary individual receives all Lifetime Member benefits). We are incredibly grateful for the generosity and continued support of our nearly 350 PVC Lifetime Members.

PVC Lifetime Membership

At stake are approximately $200,000 of Bonus Funds provided generously by the Princeton Varsity Club (PVC) Board of Directors. Over the past eight years of TAGD, the PVC Board has contributed over $1.5M in bonus funds that have directly benefited our varsity Athletics Friends Groups.

The Princeton Department of Athletics thanks you for all you do throughout the year to support our varsity programs, and encourages you to engage and rally teammates and friends to be a part of this impactful day. If you have already made a gift in support of Princeton Athletics this year – thank you! Your commitment to supporting our Tiger student-athletes is greatly appreciated.