Tigers skate for service

polImageThe Princeton women’s ice hockey team participated in the Princeton Tiger Lillies clinic, which brought smiles to all involved, especially those children who were able to skate with their Tigers.

The Princeton women’s ice hockey team has participated the Princeton Tiger Lillies clinic for the last few years and it has proven to be a very positive experience for all those involved; children, parents, student-athletes and coaches. This year Julie Flynn ’10 and Steph Denino ’10 took the lead role in organizing the clinic. The clinic takes place in early January which, as Julie points out is an ideal time for the student-athletes to get off campus and spend some time serving the local community, because classes are not in session.

The clinic, like so many community service activities, creates an array of benefits by allowing student-athletes to engage with the local community who are such ardent supporters of Tiger Athletics. One of those benefits as Julie expressed is the camaraderie that is built in the team and the excitement generated about playing hockey at Princeton. Volunteer opportunities like the clinic also serve to remind the student-athletes they are part of a larger community who are often times the most loyal and enthusiastic fans. The thing Julie enjoys most about the clinic is “how excited the kids are to have us there and to be on the ice with us.”