Benefits to Coaches and Student-Athletes

The Academic-Athletic Fellows Program:


  • Provides coaches with an additional resource to help advise student athletes with on and off the field matters
  • Meet prospective student athletes during the recruiting process
  • Another person watching the student athletes’ academic progress
  • Another mentor the student athlete can seek out for advice
  • Affords coaches the ability to manage time better
  • Another counselor that can give input to the well being of the student athletes
Over the past few year’s fellows have worked with their teams in several different ways. Some examples of the different ways fellows have worked with their teams are:
  • Hosted dinners and lunches for their teams
  • Travel with teams over vacations and breaks
  • Meet with prospective student athletes when they come on their official visit
  • Provide freshmen with advice on how to adjust to college life
  • Attend practices and games
  • Allow student athletes and coaches to contact them at home
The fellow will work with the team to build rapport over time. There are no specific expectations or relationships we are looking for through the program. Each fellow will have their own way of building this rapport. Some fellows spend more time with their teams than other fellows, but all fellows benefit their teams. It is not necessary for the fellow to have knowledge of the sport for which they are a fellow. The fellow and team are paired to create a mutually beneficial partnership that builds strong relationships between student athletes, coaches, and fellows.