About the PVC Weight Room

Dedicated in 2005 through the support of the PVC Board of Directors, the PVC Weight Room plays host to approximately 600 student-athletes representing 24 of the 37 Princeton varsity programs. With this nearly constant usage, it is important that the equipment is kept up to date and in good shape. The weight room continues to be updated and renovated to keep up with both maintenance and advances in technology through PVC support:

New Additions:

Hallway upgrades including signage, flooring and photo collages

Nine 50, 100, and 150 lb sandbags
Three sets of kettlebells (10-100 lbs)
Cooler for post-workout recovery drinks

Kaiser Pro Spin Bikes
Nike Compatible Treadmills (with the ability to customize workouts on a computer and send them to the treadmill)

Rubberized Flooring
Hammer Strength Machines
Bars and Medicine Balls

PVC Weight Room by the Numbers:

14,550 total pounds of weights
7,965 pounds of IGX Olympic Plates
3,470 pounds of Life Fitness Machine weights
3,115 pounds of dumbbell weights
24 Hammer Strength machines and racks
17 Medicine Balls
8 Kaiser Pro Spin Bikes
8 Plyometric Boxes
2 Vertimax Training Platforms


“The student-athletes see the value in strength training. A strong muscle is a fast muscle. That is why it is so important for us to provide them with the proper training and equipment.”

– James DeVincenzi, Strength & Conditioning Coach