Academic-Athletic Fellow Spotlight –Matthew Frawley

The PVC recently spoke with Matthew Frawley, Lecturer in Religion and Academic-Athletic Fellow to the men’s and women’s diving teams.

Q. How many years have you served as an Academic-Athletic Fellow?

A. I just became the academic-athletic fellow of the diving team last year. So this is my second year.

Q. What is your role with the team?

A. I’ve offered some academic guidance, but most importantly I serve as a fan. I may perhaps offer some coaching but don’t tell Gregg the diving coach that!

Q. Have you traveled with the team?

A. I made my first trip up to Rutgers for their NCAA Zone qualifying meet about a month ago.

Q. What is the best part about being an Academic-Athletic Fellow?

A. I just love hanging out with the team at meets. They’re all really great and a joy to be around.

Q. Do you have a particular memory, experience or story about working with the team that you would like to share?

A. It’s really special for me when the divers see me arrive at meets. They give me that look like – “Whew, you finally arrived.”

Q. What advice would you give all student-athletes at Princeton?

A. Take your academic-athletic fellow out to lunch. I like Panera myself.