Serena Starks

Serena Starks 23’ is a sophomore on the Varsity Women’s Softball team from Huntington Beach, California. She has plans to major in the Woodrow Wilson School of International and Public Affairs, and pursue a certificate in Spanish and Asian American studies. In high school, she completed her Girl Scout Gold Award called Team Players, with a goal to incorporate students with special needs into Varsity sports. She held a surfing event, which is now an annual event with over 40 special needs kids having the opportunity to surf at the beach and was able to accommodate those from Down’s Syndrome to CP with quadriplegia. She has been a member of Best Buddies for 5 years, community chair on the Disabilities Awareness Board, participated in Academic Success Today as a mentor to middle school students and participates in Reading with the Tigers. As a member of SASC, Serena is passionate about incorporating both the special needs and Princeton Varsity athlete community into one.